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Post  Nordvinden on Thu Jan 31, 2013 2:42 am

1.Whats your real name?

2.Where are you from and what GMT are you?
Greece GMT +2

3.Whats your ingame nickname?

4.Whats your main class and what subclasees will you make?
Well i am thinking of making Saggitarius or Phoenix Knight, cant decide yet Razz !

5.Can you useTeamspeak3?

6.Do you have a working microphone?

7.Do you speak english?And rate you english from 1-10.

8.What class do you prefer playing and why?
Saggitarius , Soultaker

9.What support class can you make for us?(from your subs you must have at least 1 support class)
Tank, Bishop, WC (i am thinkg of making tank and bishop, but if you need another class, there is no problem)

10.How many hours can you play/day?
Depents, if i have many hours lesson at the University i can play like 4 hours.
If i have few, or even better none i can play 6+

11.What do you know about Trinity?
My first contact with Trinity was back to L2 forever, when i was member at one clan of your ally.
As Nikos said, L2 forever epic clan Razz

12.Do you know anyone from Trinity?
Edi, but only from skype

13.What you want to achieve while you will be on our clan?
Fun and friends because noone can play L2 alone! Good company is the best way to roll at L2!

14.How many years you play lineage?
6-7 years

15.Which were your previous servers?
L2 Forever, L2 Extreme, L2 Sublimity, L2 Revolt

16.Which clans have you been before?
Forbidden Gods, Origins, FruitMelody, iQ, PlayBoyMansion (as Leader), and many others!

17. What is your age?

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Re: Application

Post  @Kaavie on Thu Jan 31, 2013 2:46 am

Accepted too! Very Happy
Need strong members like you and Kronos
You`re welcomed!

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