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Post  ken90 on Thu Jan 31, 2013 9:10 am

1.Whats your real name?
-My name is Georgi

2.Where are you from and what GMT are you?
-Im from Bulgaria and our GMT is +2

3.Whats your ingame nickname?
-My last character name was Derp, but i play with different almost every server

4.Whats your main class and what subclasees will you make?
-Main Ghost Sentinel ,subs will be chosen later when we see what we need

5.Can you useTeamspeak3?
-I think ye,but when i play L2 i don't use programs, cuz slow pc

6.Do you have a working microphone?

7.Do you speak english?And rate you english from 1-10.
-Maybe a 4

8.What class do you prefer playing and why?
-Range characters , Archer becouse of crit's and mages like Necro or Spellhowler for drain

9.What support class can you make for us?(from your subs you must have at least 1 support class)
-Can make that, what we need, mine prefer for support may be a tank, as i said slow pc for bishop

10.How many hours can you play/day?

11.What do you know about Trinity?
-Not much, but enough to know that we're ready to roll 'em together

12.Do you know anyone from Trinity?
-Yes, Kaavie(Edi)

13.What you want to achieve while you will be on our clan?
-Great times together and much fun

14.How many years you play lineage?
-Not exactly, but 4 for sure

15.Which were your previous servers?
-Last was one server 75x(there we meed with Edi)don't remember the name,previous are L2 Damage, L2 Damnation, and many many other, don't know names

16.Which clans have you been before?
-Last was with Edi, don't remember the name

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Re: Application

Post  Winterfressh on Thu Jan 31, 2013 9:19 am

-1 for slow pc, but welcome.

And you must use TS3 if you want to play with us.
Trinity Squad
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Re: Application

Post  @Kaavie on Thu Jan 31, 2013 12:44 pm

he will use its ok Very Happy

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Re: Application

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