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Post  sirconstantin on Fri Feb 01, 2013 12:51 am

1.Whats your real name?
-Constantin Catalin Moraru

2.Where are you from and what GMT are you?
-I am from Romania( GMT+2 )

3.Whats your ingame nickname?
-SirConstantin, TribaL, SplendoR, Duracell

4.Whats your main class and what subclasees will you make?
-what clan need.. i can play all class

5.Can you useTeamspeak3?
-Ofc .

6.Do you have a working microphone?

7.Do you speak english?And rate you english from 1-10.
-Maybe a 9 ?

8.What class do you prefer playing and why?
-Tank or Domi , u cant play without they..Smile)

9.What support class can you make for us?(from your subs you must have at least 1 support class)
-pheonix knight ( spoiler, titan)

10.How many hours can you play/day?
-6 Per day probably . Maybe 8-9 more on the weekend.

11.What do you know about Trinity?
-nothing yet...but i will see.
-an friend told me abaout u guys

12.Do you know anyone from Trinity?

13.What you want to achieve while you will be on our clan?
-Nice group who can play good, for relax and friendships

14.How many years you play lineage?
-Since to beginning. Lineage 2 start with me.
-I had 5 years experience in official.

15.Which were your previous servers?
-To many..Smile. I want a nice server to stay... no in 2 weeks to crush all

16.Which clans have you been before?
-Immortals, Redds, WhiteWolves, Scrubbs, and many many more .

17. What is your age?
-just 33

-if u dont join me...i find u..Smile)


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Re: aplication

Post  @Kaavie on Fri Feb 01, 2013 1:14 am

haha lineage2 starts with me Smile))

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