mats and spoils for Dark crystal robe

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mats and spoils for Dark crystal robe

Post  st0rm on Sat Feb 02, 2013 3:32 pm

So for helmet we need 13 sealed dark crystal helmet design which only droped from spoiling near to valley of saints in the middle of beast farm and wild beast reserve. if u cant find it google it.
Then the main dark crystal robe we need 13 sealed dark crystal fabric which are farmed at blazing swamp only by spoiling hames orc footman.
Then for dark crystal boots u need to spoil in blazing sawmp again 13 sealed dark ctysal boots lining from hames orc shaman.
Then for dark crystal gloves u have to spoil 13 dark crystal gloves design at wall of argos u must kill buffalo slaves.
And at last for everything we need 49 asofe. 230 crafted leather. 30 high grade suede. 70 metallic fiber. 35 compound braid. 187 gemstone B. 121 crytsal b grade. 3 maestro anvil lock. 1 maestro mold. and farm as much bleuprints u can from toi 7-8-9-10 first if u dont have the quest iu must take it from aden warehouse located near to the stairs. be sure u farm on all tois i said not only in 1 of them. and then u will all place all these mats in clan warehouse and i will craft them for you relax its not gonna be that hard at all. have fun and farm for them.
Regards ErgusI <3
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