Application Guide and Rules

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Application Guide and Rules

Post  @Kaavie on Fri Feb 08, 2013 3:34 am

1.You always listen to the leader and sub leader
2.When we call you to come to any RaidBoss, event, siege, or whatever you come no excuses
3.You always assist the MainAssister on your party
4.Never insult clan members, if you have any problem with someone in our clan tell it to the leader or to sub leader they will solve the problem.
5.If you are online, you must use RaidCaLL all the time, even if you haven't microphone, or you are from netcafe.
6.Every clanmember must have at least one support class. Theese are: bishop, tank/warlord, overlord, wc and summoner classes. Every clan member must have 1 archer class too.
7.If we farm together, you must give us (or put into the cwh) all the drops (except adena). We will make our items together, we help each other, we are one clan and we dont accept soloing! Dont forget: we'll help to get your armor and weap too!

If you break one of our rules, we will dismiss you.

If you accept all of our Rules, you can start to make your own application in your own application topic.
Please answer the questions to the letter, any left blank or that have an idiot response, will result in a deletion of your application.
State why you don't want to answer the question instead of leaving it blank.
Thank you. Your App will be reviewed and responded soon.

1.Whats your real name?
2.Where are you from(country) and what GMT you have?
3.Whats your ingame nickname?
4.Whats your main class and what subclasees will you make?
5.Can you use TeamSpeak3?
6.Do you have a working microphone?
7.Do you speak english?And rate you english from 1-10.
8.What class do you prefer playing and why?
9.What support class can you make for us?(from your subs you must have at least 1 support class)
10.How many hours can you play/day?
11.What do you know about Trinity?
12.Do you know anyone from Trinity?
13.What you want to achieve while you will be on our clan?
14.How many years you play lineage?
15.Which were your previous servers?
16.Which clans have you been before?
17.What is your age?

After the accepted application you must make a topic in "What is your support class?" with your name, and sub.

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