The Trinity History

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The Trinity History

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Who are the Trinity?

The Trinity are a long established clan started over 4 and a half years ago at the end of Chronicle 2 on the Hindemith server. Trinity has been since copied when the Franz server was brought in, this is not part of our clan.

The founder of our clan was me,Kaavie, I decided that our group of friends needed to have their own clan that reflected the attitude in which they played. The idea was a friendly, welcoming and fun atmosphere for anyone to game in... and it worked!

Trinity soon found that there were others that wanted to join our clan as they also enjoyed feeling part of a happy online community that felt like a large family. Someone cared if they logged in, there were friends to party with as we have lots of each level range. We look out for one another, if a clan member is in trouble we will all go and assist them, if necessary die to protect them. Trinity have never stood for trashtalk and griefing and will always fight against it.

The clan then took a break when Teia took leave from Lineage sadly. The clan members merged with another friendly clan with similar ideals, which suited everyone.

Teia came back to the game in 2007 and started to play her other character Becki, working with her long time real life friend, SpiritHealer, they together decided to restart the Trinity. Neither could have imagined the success they would achieve so quickly!

Very quickly alot of the old clan members came back without hesitation, it also seemed that Trinity was well remembered by others for their warm playstyle as recruitment was very easy. Within days the clan was back up and on it's feet with several S and A graders, and a full academy!

In the start of 2008 the clan has started off on the right foot, growing at a nice steady rate so we can still look after anyone new that comes into the fold. We have lots of new genuine players that are learning the game as they get help and support from more experienced players, and higher grade players that know the game so well and the clan reaps their knowledge and playstyle.

The clan holds events for prizes such as PvP for fun. Now the clan has established it's self once more we are doing regular Raid Boss's, Rift and festival parties as well as the normal clan parties for all levels. In April 2008 the clan became level 6 with alot of hard work, we are now pushing for level 7.

In November 2008, after the server merge, we built up the clan with new officers, 2 Royal Guard units.

The part two
After we stop play on that server that I posted upper!

On the 2008-2009 we started in the new formula xBabys, Kaavie, EduardoBoss, 0wnU, and Luli to dominate 99% of servers.
The server that we choosed was Lineage2 Promisance. After 2 weeks server was dominated becouse of us. Trinity was the smallest alliance formed from 3 clans Trinity was the "Head of Alliance" totaly we was like 300+ players(Most of the allied was with 7 clans). We fighted against 2 strongest allies named "Nameless" and "StarCity" we was victorious! Server was shutting down forever.
2009-2010 we choosed Lineage2 Forever another server that finished in 5-8 months I can`t remember exactly, but we was joined on the last 3-4 months of the server and most of old clans left becouse we finished them from the first 5 days on everything what is about PvP, Siege even Epics. Server Closed then!
2010-2012 after a break of almost 2 years we decided to try to remake the old Trinity. Me and xBabys the founders didn`t agree to remake it and I took it by my self and try to remake it !

The losing "Era" of Trinity
As the name says was a bad moment of trinity we was growing "down" we didn`t achieve what I want but I will tell the story after next moments. The best party and the lucky one is that me and some friends choosed a nice server named Lineage2 Sublimity, a server where I found some new members to recruit I am telling this becouse from 2012 till now Trinity is based on a small number of members but they are the best, every clan from this world wish to have them, the most important members that a clan can have. I will start with the Sub-Leaders a Hungarian smart boy named WinterFressh a sub-leader that give hes soul for the clan a guy that respect you if you respect him too he always give hes best to make clan stronger. The second Sub-Leader is a Norway guy named Crozet he was also the clans heart a funny guy active and loyal member. The rest members that we recruited and we give everything for them are : CloneXpertz, NcSoft, Glory4, ErgusI, eSkmO, Marquise, DnS, himynameistom and some others that I cannot find them from some months ago.
Why I am telling you that was a bad "era" for Trinity?
Becouse we got a good team but we could not achieve our targets for 99%..we found only Fail server becouse the good admins stop creating good servers. Fail clans that join a server recruit everything and than do a zerg PvP clans like , SGC, tF, SP, Dragonball.
After fail and fails and fails we decided to take a break again and meet on September. Many of them joined again trinity most of them left it for another clans, let me say "Proffessional clans" .


(Seems to be a good start)
Me and WinterFressh decided to remake Trinity
Target: get back Crozet
Members that joined us: Glory4, Ergusi, Casinista, SirConstantin, Eskmo, Marquise (Atm)
Server that we choosed is Lineage2 Cleaver.
I will keep in touch with the story.

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