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Post  Jana- on Wed Apr 03, 2013 3:32 pm

1.Whats your real name? Jana
2.Where are you from(country) and what GMT you have? GMT+1
3.Whats your ingame nickname? Janna
4.Whats your main class and what subclasees will you make? Warcryer
5.Can you use TeamSpeak3? Hmm Yes
6.Do you have a working microphone? I dont have it currently but i can buy one
7.Do you speak english?And rate you english from 1-10. 6,5
8.What class do you prefer playing and why? Warcryer for oly i just love that class Smile , Archer, Sorceror
9.What support class can you make for us?(from your subs you must have at least 1 support class) Anything needed
10.How many hours can you play/day? 3-4 if its something important i guess i can find some time
11.What do you know about Trinity? I was ex member on some server long ago Very Happy
12.Do you know anyone from Trinity? I dont think that anybody remembers me Very Happy But i remember only Kaavie here :p
13.What you want to achieve while you will be on our clan? Have some fun before i start to work.
14.How many years you play lineage? 4
15.Which were your previous servers? RPGCLUB x3
16.Which clans have you been before? AbsolutMadHouse,TribunaL
17.What is your age? 19


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